My Bold Prayer About My Future Husband...


"Those who leave everything in God's hands will eventually see God's hands in everything."

I remember telling Jesus, "I don't want to date a ton of guys. I just want the one you have for me. The first person I date - I want them to be the person that I marry. Don't bring a guy until it's him. So if that means waiting until I'm 30, 40, 60 years old I don't care. But I will patiently wait because I'm not going to just throw my heart to the wind and hope somebody great catches it."

I'll never forget the boldness of that prayer because God gave me a clear answer to that specific request. Now obviously, God doesn't always answer "yes" to our prayers. Why? Because "no" is just as much of an answer as yes, and God ONLY does what's best for us. So even though you might feel discouraged that things aren't going according to your plan, you can be sure they're going according to God's plan. Don't forget: How can you receive if you do not ask? God invites us to talk with Him and walk with Him in every area of our lives. 

Q: "Well, what if He says no? I feel like I've been waiting forever! If God can say "no" and "no" is just as much of an answer as "yes" then why pray?"

A: "Well, just like you have not because you ask not, you also HAVE what the Lord didn't want you to have, but you didn't ask Him, so He didn't say no. Certain things will happen in my life but I should, you should, we should give the Lord an opportunity to say no. May God give us patience and find that the most supreme relationship we will ever have is with HIM! 

And don't just put Jesus first until He brings a great guy. Always keep Jesus the #1 in your life. Sometimes His answers don't line up with our requests - but rest in this- He is God & you are not. He knows what you really need. He loves you. You wanna know great love? Look at what He did for you on the cross. He IS love. 💕

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