How To Know if He's "The One"

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How do you know if he's "the one"? Well, no man is perfect, patience reveals what nothing else can so let God work it out in His timing, not your timing, and give the other person grace while guarding your heart. That's my best advice, summed up. 

I love being married, it's absolutely the best thing on this side of Heaven 😍 marriages end for a lot of different reasons, some are downright wrongly abusive. 😞 I think one of the greatest things you can do before marriage to set up a good foundation is to date with intention. If you're serious about a godly marriage, don't let the years/months go by without directionally heading somewhere. 3 questions to ask:

1. Is the person 100% trustworthy? (that one was important for me, absolute trust is the foundation for a healthy relationship)

2. Are they directionally headed toward godliness? Please note: NOT that they are going to be "perfect" - that means they will make mistakes (so will you) and you have the opportunity to be like Jesus and give grace and forgiveness. But are they reading the Bible, praying with you, and not doing it because you want them to? It has to be their own relationship with Jesus - not yours that you want for them.

3. Are you able to solve problems well? Bo and I dated for a couple of years before we got engaged and then married. Every single relationship is different. For us, we needed that time to navigate and work through things together. God knew we needed that time so that He could work stuff out in us. He was preparing us for marriage as we waited on Him and sought after Him together. So don't stuff emotions down. Work through things before you're married, pray and forgive one another & use dating as the time to navigate toward marriage or toward the end of your relationship.

Look for the signs every step of the way that bring you closer or push you further from one another. You see, that's what dating with intention means to me, using the time before marriage to see if you make a good team. You two are separate beings, the other person will never make you whole - but when you come together with another person with God at the center you are a three chord strand and those don't break easily ❤️

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