Marry Your Best Friend


Marry your best friend, ladies. Don't look for a perfect man because he doesn't exist.

Pray that God would give you a man that's directionally headed towards godliness. What does that mean? This is one of my favorite quotes from Matt Chandler:

"Girls - the error they make is this really kind of 'Well he's a neat Christian guy. I'll marry him.' No. I think you avoid neat Christian boys like they're the plague. I really do. You find a guy that is directionally headed toward godliness. Ok. Now, are they gonna be raw? Sure. Are they gonna have weaknesses and flaws? Yes. Is there a desire and direction to become a godly man? Yeah that guy is gold."

If they love God with all of their heart - they will take care of your heart. Ultimately, leave it in Gods hands because God ALWAYS gives His best to those who leave it up to Him.

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