Waiting on God for the Right Guy

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I decided to wait on God to bring the right man into my life. What does waiting on God mean?

Often times I think we think of waiting on the Lord as passively sitting around.

But I think there’s a better way of viewing it - I think of waiting on the Lord as literally waiting on someone...like a server would do in a restaurant. As we wait on, or serve, the Lord we find complete satisfaction in Him.

I was satisfied completely single.

I’m satisfied completely now that I’m married.

Our satisfaction IS found in a relationship, a relationship with Jesus! He is our satisfaction, and the one who perfectly loves us and demonstrated that on the cross while we were still sinners. Notice: While we were still sinners. He loved us perfectly in the middle of our mess. It’s not get cleaned up & then come to Him, it’s come to Him and He’ll clean you up. So serving Him is not an obligation, but an invitation. And we find in serving Him that He alone is enough. Why? Because He served US! He died for us! Remember Jesus said if you want to be first you must be the very last and the servant of all. We can serve, or wait on, Jesus by looking at Jesus and spending time with Jesus.

Maybe you’re wishing you were in a relationship and are becoming weary in serving the Lord as you wait on Him. Remember: the goal isn’t to serve Jesus to get the guy - it’s to serve Jesus because He IS the guy. And then, the man He brings into your life is ultimately used to make you more like HIM. 👆🏼 Are you tracking with me? Its all about Jesus! I've found in marriage that nothing is better than serving the Lord, whether you’re single, dating or married. We wait on God to get God. We serve the Giver, not His gifts. That brings HOPE! That means we don’t look to another person to find fulfillment but we can find enjoyment in them because that person is a gift from God.  Maybe you’re feeling brokenhearted: Keep waiting on Him. Keep serving Him. He promises to renew your strength (Isaiah 40:31) and He will satisfy you completely (Isaiah 58:11). Every relationship outside of our relationship with Christ flourishes when our most important relationship is found in Him. 💕