learn to make peace with your body and end your war with the mirror

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✓ Look Inside book

"I have written this devotional because I have felt your pain in my heart. I know what it’s like to be in a constant battle with the mirror."

In Look Inside Cambria shares her own deeply personal experience of being in a constant war with the mirror - from the deep shame and discouragement felt struggling with binge eating to comparison to the perfectly toned girl who seems to never miss a date with the treadmill. She honestly examines where the root of the insecurity lies and reminds you that you're not alone in your battle with body image. With Biblical truth and gut-honest vulnerability about her own personal battle, Cambria will help you:

  • Stop feeling discouraged about your body and learn to make peace with yourself today.
  • Replace your tendency of feeling defeated over numbers on the scale with wisdom that walks in victory.
  • Overcome the fear of never being able to measure up to even your own standards by setting a new standard - a standard of grace not perfection.
  • Recognize the lies that feed your insecurities by fighting back with the truth of God's Word.
  • Learn to stop agonizing over your refection by embracing that God looks for beauty on the inside.

Look Inside reminds us that we are created with the very fingerprint of God upon us. Even when the mirror makes us feel insecure about our image we can rest in the security that we are created in the image of God. The Creator of the heaven's and the earth has never spoken anything but words of beauty over you. So turn your eyes away from the mirror and come, look inside.

✓ companion Journal

The Look Inside Journal is the perfect companion to the devotional! Designed to help you journal and write down your own prayers as you go through the devos every day along with reflection questions taken directly from Look Inside - this journal is going to be a place for you to pour out your heart and goes hand in hand with Look Inside.

✓ 5 part video series

The 5 part Look Inside online video course with me, Cambria! I filmed each of these videos with you in mind, in order to help you face the mirror everyday with truth and strength. These videos will refresh your soul as well as show you how the answers found in God's Word can meet you in your deepest need and hurt. The video series was created to help you get the absolute MOST out of Look Inside and will help you start seeing yourself as God sees you, today. We tackle and answer the hard questions like, "How do I really make peace with my body once and for all?" and "How do I stop comparing myself to other girls?". One video featuring special guest, Ben Courson.

✓ 30-day bible reading plan

This 30 day Bible reading plan is easy to follow and will help you dig even deeper into God's Word and grow in truth as you renew your mind each day. Look Inside was written with biblical truths woven throughout the entire 30 days. This reading plan is designed to help you strengthen your understanding of truth and help you to walk in freedom through the power of scripture.

(bundle #1 with the mug is sold out!! however bundle #2 is still available, is limited edition, and is going fast! bundle #2 includes the devotional, journal, video series, and 30 day Bible reading plan!)

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